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Olim · Arbitrium

Chapter Six

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Krillin staggered to his feet, bruised and somewhat ashamed, and viewed the damage to Bulma's ceiling. "Well, damn. What was that all about?" He glanced ruefully in Goten's direction, but the kid looked just as lost as him. "I don't suppose you'll be of much help."

For a moment, he considered just going to the kitchen, grabbing a soda, and collapsing on the couch.

But then he sighed heavily and took off after them.

That's the boy, Trunks, thought Gohan with surprise, watching the two forms arch off into the sky. They were certainly going at a decent clip. After a moment, the bald man followed at a slower clip.

Goten remained behind, his chi back to its usual level.

Gohan lingered, uncertain. He had taken a liking to his impromptu student from the night before, and he was concerned by the recent turbulence in the building. But he was also painfully curious. Whatever was wrong, whatever was interrupting this world's norm - it had left, with the scarred man.

He grimaced. He had little choice.

With all the speed he could muster he went after Trunks and the infamous scarred man.
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