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Olim · Arbitrium

Chapter Six

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Goten wanted to say something- anything at all to fix the situation. It was awkward having no control of it at all. He knew Piccolo- the emerald skinned man that had saved him years before from drowning. The man who often happened by to keep an eye on Goten as he played in the woods. The caretaker of their summer house while he and his mom lived in the city. He was a kind person. A very sad and lonely person, but kind nonetheless.

Goten was pushed off his feet as Gohan took off again- almost slammed into the wall again. But something soft caught him.

"Trunks-! Gohan, he-!" Goten started but the man cut him off.

"It would probably be best not to antagonize him," said the taller boy with a gentle smile down at his best friend. He set the other boy back on his feet and sighed.

"Krillen, you really shouldn't have done that."

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